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You can find the restaurant site near the Charles Bridge, not far from the mouth of the Čertovka stream, on the street called U Lužického semináře no. 24 in Prague, within a walking distance from the Malostranská metro station in the direction from Klárov to Kampa. The restaurant itself is located in protected historic buildings dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Why a restaurant site? Čertovka is located in a unique place with terraces above the Vltava River with a view of the Charles Bridge. It includes two restaurants, a beer parlor, and a small private parlor. The terraces have a capacity of 70 places, in the beer parlor, up to 40 people can enjoy themselves, the second restaurant room has 38 places and the private parlor can host 12 people.

The Čertovka, arm of the Vltava river is in fact a regulated pond used in the past by number of mills situated in the Small Part. The street is named after a seminars which was attended by students coming from Horní and Dolní Lužice.

The houses upon the Čertovka Prague represented a suburb of Small Part, their dwellers, mostly were bugers and craftsmen, especially tanners.

The house was built before 1620 in the period of late Renaissance.

The narrow passage between the houses n. 100 and 101 is the only fire lane preserved in the Small Part.


Restaurant Čertovka

U Lužického semináře 24

118 00 Prague 1, CZ


4HP, spol. s r.o.

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Phone: +420 257 532 205

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